Neuse River Fishing Report 12-9-17

Neuse River Fishing Report

How else can I describe the fishing on the Neuse River other than phenomenal! The yearly migration of Speckled Trout to the Neuse River has continued to get better and better as the fall season progresses. Due to the rollercoater water temps we are still catching the vast majority of trout on the main river just outside of creeks and estuaries, although a some have been caught inside the creeks. Water clarity on the Neuse is extremely clear making darker, more life like lures more presentable to catch fish. Now that rain has sat in for a few days this should darker the water up some making the brighter colors come back into play. Since fall began we have had several citation sized fish weighed in here at the shop with the biggest being 10.29lb caught by Dennis Banks.

The Stripped Bass fishery has maintained to be as good as it gets fishing in the creeks and main river with topwater, swimbaits or soft plastics fished along the bottom. Some anglers choose to troll Rattletraps, diving jerk baits, and WobbleHead eels to have success in catching their fish. Live bait is always a plus. Especially now that water temps have cooled some Stripers are being found tight to structure like bridges, dock, piling, and stumps just waiting to ambush your lure swimming by.

Just like every year when water temps cool down most slot Redfish move out to the Pamlico Sound for the winter months with very few being caught on the Neuse River during the fall and winter months. Fishing the lower Neuse will better your chance of hooking up with a stray slot redfish.

With all this being said obviously Winter will come and cooler water temps will make the bite a little softer. You will have to work your lures a lot slower and lighten your jigs up but most fish will school up in tight areas making it easy to have big number days if you cant stand the elements. You cant catch em on the couch...

For more info give us a call at Neuse River Bait and Tackle for a up to date fishing report and how to info.

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